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"Trauma is about the loss of imagination. One stops learning from experience, one stops imagining alternative futures for oneself and others. The world stops. The goal of trauma treatment is to free us from being trapped in our bodies so that we are free to be in our bodies, and from there imaginatively participate in the larger world."

-Bessel van der Kolk

Group Therapy
- for ACC sensitive claims clients

If you have an approved ACC sensitive claim - ACC provides in addition to your individual therapy an extra 32h each year for adjacent group therapy.


Group therapy is a unique chance to make additional important experiences in a moderated group setting. The experience of a group can be daunting, but also providing many opportunities to experience support and also a connection with others that else has been disrupted through trauma.

Many of our groups are aimed at providing a more creative, non-verbal and body-based focus to allow for a different therapeutic experience and to utilize other pathways of change that often get left behind in more traditional therapy approaches.

Enrolling in Group Therapy

The easiest way is simply to register online below in the group therapy format that you would like to participate. One of our clinicians then will get in touch with you (and your lead ACC therapist) to discuss the process the further process.

If you have any questions about our groups or availability please contact us at or simply call or reception at 027 845 7755.

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