"Life really does begin at forty.

Up until then, you are just doing research."

- C.G. Jung

Therapy Details
  • Use of modern CBT techniques and integration of other therapy approaches (psychodynamic, schema therapy)

  • Treatment of all forms of mental health problems

  • ACC approved provider for Sensitive Claims

  • Appointments from 7am - 8pm

  • One time consultation or assessment possible

  • Fees for private sessions are $189.75 (includes GST)

What to expect?
  • A treatment that is tailored to your needs and thus will be unique

  • Focus on long-term stability and recovery

  • Improvement is often not linear but comes in waves

  • Sometimes side effects or temporary increase in emotional distress can occur

  • Therapy can be a longer process (up to 2 years) but significant change can also come in a few sessions only

50 Dalton St

 Napier 4110 Hawke's Bay


109 Canning Rd, Hastings