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"Did you lose your keys here?

- No, but the light is much better here!"

"For the man with a hammer in his hand

everything looks like a nail."

Individual Supervision

We are well aquainted with various therapeutic modalities starting with classical CBT and its modern advancements like ACT and Schema Therapy as well as Mindfulness approaches and have more recently expanded this with an interpersonal psychodynamic understanding.

Would you like to broaden your therapeutic approach with clients? Are you looking for a short term case supervision or would like to go deeper into understanding your own reactions and triggers around clients?

Please feel free to contact us.


Fee for 50 min individual Supervision is $207.

Team Supervision

In our work with teams we use a combination of psychodynamic, transactional and systemic perspectives to make the group processes more apparent. Goal is to increase understanding of  each individuals contribution to the current functioning (or dysfunctioning) of the overall process and how typical impasses or conflicts can be overcome.

Fee for 60 min Team Supervision is $250

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