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"In trauma recovery the objective is for the past to become a very tiny part of your very large, confident, capable and free self."

-  Michele Rosenthal

ACC Covered Treatment Information:

ACC provides a special service to people that suffered sexual abuse that is fully funded through ACC.  As an ACC provider for Sensitive Claims we can offer this service to our clients. This service may also be eligible to you even if your current mental health concerns may not seem directly related to the original trauma. Even if you have never related the abuse before, or if it happened decades ago, or you are not even completely certain about all the details of the events, you still are eligible for cover. There is also no "need to prove" anything to ACC or anyone about the events in your life, rather this pathway is about finally finding solace through a hassle-free service.

Consequences of Sexual Trauma

The aftermath of trauma not only results in PTSD but can take on many forms. The following list is not exclusive but rather an orientation for those trying to understand what is happening to them:

  • Flashbacks and nightmares

  • Heightened alertness, irritability

  • Panic attacks and anxiety

  • Depression

  • Chronic pain

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Difficulties trusting others 

  • Sense of being out of your body, or life as unreal, detached from your self or body

  • Do I have to work on my sexual trauma, when I seek treatment with you?"
    No! There are times when it might be better for you just to focus on reducing the problems caused by the trauma, such as depression, anxiety, nightmares or other consequences of the abuse. You might rather prefer to increase your abilities and strengths to deal better with the daily stressors and problems, this is also a viable way to move forward with your life. You are the final authority in what we will do in therapy and we see our role as a guide on your way of recovery, helping you reach your goals.
  • How much details will I have to share abut the sexual abuse?
    Initially only very minimal details are enough, which include mostly external aspects such as when did it happen, or over what period the abuse happened and very rudimentary aspects of what happened to you. Relating any aspects of the trauma (even these basic aspects) is often emotionally very threatening and distressing to many clients, thus we strive to initially only collect the bare minimum of information that is needed for the cover through ACC. Most important is that you are comfortable and keep a sense of control in this process. Others needs, even those of ACC, will have to yield to your mental well being.
  • What do I need to do to access this ACC sponsered service?
    Just contact us for an appointment. You do not need any prior contact with ACC nor do you need a claim with ACC before this. In our fist session we will discuss your current concerns and at the end of the session we will fill out all the necessary paper work for your claim.
  • I am not sure if I qualify for ACC sponsered treatment for sexual abuse, how can I find out whether I do or not?"
    The easiest way is to just make an appointment, as we have two sponsored sessions that serve exactly this purpose to find out what your individual situation is and what support you can get through the ACC Sensitive Claims pathway. Even if after these two sessions the conclusions is that your individual case is not appropriate for ACC funding, you do not have to pay anything for these initial appointments. Generally, the criteria are, if you experienced sexual abuse in New Zealand, or were the victim of any kind of sexual violence as a New Zealand resident while being overseas you are eligible for cover from ACC.
  • I have already had counselling or treatment for my trauma, can I still seek therapy again?"
  • Can I change ACC therapists if I do not feel comfortable?
    Yes. ACC provides a rather hassle-free service here, if you are not happy with your current therapist or come to realize that you find it difficult to work with either one of us, you can at any stage in the process ask to be referred to a different provider (both inside Talking Cure or outside of our organisation). Having a good therapeutic relationship is of vital importance and we would gladly support you in finding someone with whom you can feel such a connection.
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