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About Me

Meet Tobias

Tobias Schulze
Director Talking Cure & Clinical Psychologist

Tobias received training in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in Germany. He was licensed as a psychological psychotherapist and moved to Napier in Oct 2015. 

While trained in CBT, Tobias has expanded his therapeutic interest to include a wide variety of  orientations in an  integrative approach of modern evidence based treatments ranging from ACT, Schema Therapy and  CBASP, to recent developments in psychodynamic therapy such as Mentalization Based Therapy and Transference Focused Therapy. The aim is to use the interventions that best suit the clients problems and needs so that a lasting change can result.

Professional Qualifications
  • Postgraduate training as Psychological Psychotherapist

  • Diplom in Psychology (equivalent to Masters degree)

Membership to Professional Colleges/ Boards
  • New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists (MNZCCP)

  • Member of the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD)

  • Member of the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

"Out of your vulnerabilities

will come your strength"

- S. Freud

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