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About Me

Meet Juliane

Main areas of treatment
  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • ADHD / ADD

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Attachment disorders

  • Developmental disorders

  • Behavioral problems

  • Eating disorders

  • Personality disorders (especially borderline, dependent and avoidant PD)

  • Complex trauma in early childhood

  • Gaming / Online addiction

Juliane Engels
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist


Juliane was trained in psychoanalytic and  psychodynamic  psychotherapy for children, adolescent and young adults and got her license to practice as a psychotherapist in Germany. She further studied social work, with work experience for a youth welfare office as well as in family support. Before joining Talking Cure she ran her own private practice as a psychotherapist with 3 other colleagues. In addition, she has trained social workers, foster parents, teachers and educators in various psychotherapy related topics over the last 2 years. The age range in which she provides treatment is between infant and young adults (up to 24 years), including family and close relatives.


In the treatment of mental diseases, Juliane's focus is on building a stable and reliable relationship, working within this relationship and uncovering unconscious connections and conflicts. From her point of view, symptoms represent an unconscious attempt of the soul to find a solution and should be understood as an expression of inner distress. In a safe therapeutic environment, she and her clients explore the causes and underlying relationship patterns together. By understanding and appreciating the symptoms and inner conflicts as well as by building up and expanding psychological resources and abilities, her clients can stabilize and develop the personality in the long-term. This leads to a permanent cessation or reduction of symptoms and results in a more mature personality which is able to cope with further adversities of life and is able to form healthy relationships.

In Juliane's personal view, behavior and symptoms are always a form of language to be understood.

Professional Qualifications
  • Postgraduate Training/License to practice as Psychotherapist for Children/Adolescent/Young Adults (KBAP Bonn, Germany)

  • Diploma in Social Work (Catholic University of Applied Science Cologne, Germany)

Membership to Professional Colleges/ Boards
  • Registration as Psychotherapist in New Zealand (PBANZ) 
Membership to Professional Colleges/ Boards
  • Full Member of the New Zealand Association for Psychotherapists (NZAP)

“The therapy was successful if the patient and therapist knew at the end of the treatment what the patient was suffering from at the beginning.”

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