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About Me

Meet Misha

Misha-Joy Clark
Clinical Psychologist and Art Therapist

Misha-Joy has also journeyed to India where she studied the ancient practices of Yoga and Meditation. She is a qualified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, registered with The International Yoga Alliance. She has spent time living in various Buddhist monasteries and Yoga Ashrams on her travels. Mindfulness meditation and breathe awareness has become a big part of her therapy work. Finally, Misha-Joy is also an active artist herself and uses her art as a creative tool for her own emotional processing. 

Misha-Joy was trained in psychodynamic therapy, and generally work within this theoretical framework. This means that she works with the client to gain deeper understanding of their own minds, emotions, and how they relate to others. Often we need an ‘other’ to help us understand the strong forces that drive us, which can be confusing. This being said, Misha-Joy finds a holistic and multi-faceted approach to wellness is the way to go. We cannot isolate one aspect of ourselves from another, for this means to disconnect. To disconnect means to suffer. Hence Misha-Joy works from a unique and holistic framework, incorporating her formal training and clinical experience with her own personal studies and practices (not to say that these haven’t been backed by much research and ancient knowledge!). She works with spirit, mind, emotions and body.

Message from Misha-Joy: I am Misha-Joy. I am a fellow human on this journey we call ‘life’. I have my own sufferings, too. Yes, even therapists struggle. But on my path I have found some things that have helped me, and maybe they can help you too.
I believe we are made to connect. We relate, therefore we are. We seek this out from the start, and somewhere it gets complicated and hard. Somewhere we disconnect. From our true selves, our bodies, from others, from nature, from our environments. One of the keys to cope with the suffering this path brings is to re-connect.
Unfortunately (or fortunately!), the lotus only grows in the mud. Let me be there with you in the mud, until you see the lotus open again.

Professional Qualifications

  • Masters in Clinical Psychology

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Arts Therapy

  • 300 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Membership to Professional Colleges/ Boards
  • New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists (MNZCCP)

  • Yoga Alliance International

"Out of your vulnerabilities

will come your strength"

- S. Freud

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