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"If the path before you is clear,

you are  probably on someone else's."

- C. G. Jung

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Modern Therapy Approaches for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Personality disordered patients pose a unique challenge to any therapy and in this category the narcissistic patient is amongst the most difficult to engage. Their demanding interpersonal style often threatens the therapeutic alliance thus endangering the most effective factor in the treatment process. Therefore treatments of these clients often fail. The intention of the workshop is to offer clinicians therapeutic tools to navigate these challenges better by drawing on the wealth of recent developments in treatments of personality disorders (PD) and integrating these advances to the specific pathology of the narcissistic client.

Napier, 15th - 16th October 2020

9 am to 5 pm (both days), Fee: early bird $365 until 14/08/20 then $425 full catering included

Introduction to CBASP: Treating Chronic Depression with the Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy

Chronic and treatment resistant depression has evaded for some time the reach of therapeutic change, yet with the advent of the Cognitive Behavioral Analysis  System of Psychotherapy-CBASP, this has changed. This is a treatment designed to the very specific psychopathology of chronic depression, which relies on systematic personal therapist involvement and a specific strategy of confronting the patient with their interpersonal failures. Thus, this training will provide you with some tools and techniques to deal with the often overpowering challenges of the very hopeless and generalized stances of these clients („nothing will help me“). The treatment uses a very structured approach to these clients and has been proven effective in larger clinical randomized trials.

Napier, 22nd August 2019

9 am to 5 pm, Fee: early bird $185 until 31/05 then $215 full catering included

Complex Cases: 

Treatment of Chronic and Recurrent Mental Health Problems by Personality Functioning Informed Therapy 

Chronic and recurrent mental health problems are often not just a challenge to the patient but also to the therapist, as these severe conditions frequently defy standard treatment approaches. Many of the Axis I disorders (depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, somatoform disorders, addictions and diffuse psychiatric complaints) have a high risk of becoming chronic conditions that eventually wear out the patient and the treatment providers. Standard CBT treatments that aim at symptom reduction often fail to address the maintaining factors that relate to the intra-psychic dynamics of personality functioning. The workshop addresses this gap by utilizing an integrative approach of evidence-based therapies (ranging from CBASP to Schema Therapy to psychodynamic approaches e.g. TFP, MBT) that focuses on personality functioning as an underlying factor in maintaining chronic mental health disorders. It aims to refine therapists’ conceptualization of these complex cases and to enhance their repertoire of interventions based in a clear understanding of the patients’ pathology.

Napier, 12th - 13th Nov 2020

9 am to 5 pm (both days), Fee: early bird $365 until 12/09 then $425 full catering included

Trauma and Personality Disorder:

Integrative Psychotherapy of Trauma Induced Personality Disorders


For many clients with traumatic experiences the consequences of these reach far beyond the primary symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and affective disorders, as many will have suffered long lasting changes in their personality. Their perception of others is often tainted by paranoid and mistrusting schemata, while their sense of self will be severely negative, ranging from deep convictions of being defective, unlovable to strong feelings of helplessness, inferiority and shame, thus resulting in deeply held internal models of the world that are self-perpetuating and making them prone for chronic and recurrent mental health problems. While many evidence based approaches exist to treat the primary symptoms of trauma the secondary consequences are frequently neglected in treatment (at best) and at worst, are seen as hindrances and distractions to the “real treatment” of the PTSD symptoms. Aim of this workshop is to promote a more holistic approach to trauma that will include the personality pathology of the clients as part of the result of their traumatic experiences.

Napier, 24th and 25th Sep 2020

9 am to 5 pm, Fee: early bird $365 until 23/08/20 then $425 full catering included

Rescuing The Inner Children: Gentle Trauma Work for Chronic Sexual Abuse


Many clients who have suffered chronic early sexual violence are often emotionally flooded by standard trauma exposure, thus this otherwise highly validated technique becomes problematic in their treatment. This has led to an emphasis on stabilizing interventions and resource activation with these clients. While this often leads to significant improvement, it still leaves the client vulnerable to the trauma and associated triggers, which can often be the cause of retraumatization. This results in a classic dilemma in all trauma therapies: stabilizing vs. confronting. In order to not cause more harm (in line with the old dictum of the Hippocratic Oath: “Primum non nocere” – first, cause no harm”) many therapists do not work on the traumatic memories, thereby forgoing a powerful tool on the path towards healing.

This workshop aims to present a method for working on the trauma in a gentle manner, one that will not lead to emotional overstimulation: “Rescuing the Inner Children”.  Distinctive features are an imaginative trauma therapy that is based on an ego-states understanding of trauma and dissociative states typical for early sexual traumata. The early sexual abuse is conceptualized as traumatized inner child states, which are targeted in the treatment by imaginatively rescuing these “children”. This helps to overcome the structural dissociation and leads to deeper trauma processing and lasting integration of trauma states into more stable personality functioning.

Wellington, 15th Aug 2020

9 am to 5 pm, Fee: early bird $185 until 30/06/20 then $225 full catering included